Investing in safe & strong neighborhoods

As a Ward 3 resident and homeowner, Kerry knows the importance of maintaining safe and clean neighborhoods with high performing city services. We must invest more resources into our safety services to hire additional police, fire and EMS, while making sure that we have an excellent community-based policing model. 

Maintaining and improving the safety of our neighborhoods works best with community involvement. Kerry will continue to work with Ward 3 residents and businesses to develop proactive safety programs and solutions. 

Fostering economic development & job creation

Economic development and job growth are crucial to the success and wellbeing of Ward 3 and the City of Cleveland. We must continue collaborating with our community partners to create new small businesses, address blighted homes and encourage the creation of new jobs in our area. Along the way, we have to ensure we’re creating economic opportunities that reach all people.

Upholding our rich history of arts & culture

Part of what makes Ward 3 such a special place is our thriving arts and culture scene. Kerry knows that the arts add a tremendous value to our neighborhoods and increase access to creative thought and expression for all community members. Kerry is committed to working with area nonprofits and arts groups to ensure that this long-standing tradition of a rich arts and culture scene in Ward 3 continues and grows.

Supporting an inclusive community

Our community has a long history of being a diverse and welcoming place. Kerry believes that we must continue to foster an inclusive community to ensure that all people feel welcome in Cleveland. In order to do this, we must work together to provide housing options for residents of all different income levels, create amenities that cater to a diverse population, celebrate our differences and empower residents to learn from each other.